About me

I am an entrepreneur who likes writing, enjoying the sea and a good meeting with friends; who is very passionate about literature and who loves facing the challenges involved in the international arena.

My outgoing and optimistic personality has helped me in the business world and with the business networking, having a current wide portfolio of professional contacts, located in over twenty countries and specialized in several fields, with whom I am constantly in collaboration, in order to give the client the most suitable solution, under the guidance of the area experts required for each specific task.

I loved all the areas related to teamwork, motivation, leadership and business ethics; and, thanks to the several professional roles I have had the opportunity to develop, I have been able to enjoy the experience that involves the fact of leading working teams and achieving the goals set, in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

Teaching is other of the fields I enjoy with: I loved being able to transmit and share my knowledge and experiences, interacting with entrepreneurs, managers and young people.

I am passionate about events organization, in some of which I have taken part as a lecturer, and I also like painting, working in collaboration with some investors in order to promote new artists.