Reyes Samper Henarejos

Strategy, organization and business development

Founder and CEO of Relazionare.

Founder partner and Director of Nutripeople.

Mediator and explorer of new opportunities who enjoys learning and sharing her findings. Passionate about projects which contribute to the common good, and firm supporter of cooperation to make the world a better place for all people.

María Jesús Egea

Lawyer specialized in Spanish Penal and Civil Law, and in economic and familiy crises

Founder and CEO of EMA Abogados.

In addition to being a lawyer, I am an entrepreneur and a mother. I like to help others and I found in law the ideal way to do it professionally.

I am dedicated to helping individuals and companies to manage and solve their legal affairs and I have had the opportunity to specialize in the areas of law that I am most passionate about.

My clients find with me the “value of know-how”, close, professional and responsible attention; as well as an accompaniment from start to finish in each process.

Raquel Amorós

Talent consultant specialized in Headhunting and Recruiting

Founder and CEO in Connectyng Talent. Headhunter and Career Coach.

I lived, studied and worked abroad in England, Hungary and Greece and I love to meet people from other cultures.

I consider myself as a closeness, creative and positive person. Some of my personal fundamental values are transparency, flexibility and collaboration.

Connecting Talents is my specialty.

Mamen Martínez

Coach and Public Relations, specialist in wellness, team management, and Health Tourism

Studying Public Relations in Brussels, where I lived for 7 years, I learned that the difference is enriching and that the main value of a person lies in respect.

In my life, there are three elements that have always been present, health, the human being and tourism. These elements were conjugated, as if by magic, in one of my main works, in the Health Tourism Cluster of the Region of Murcia, where I have been working as a manager for 17 years.

10 years ago, I started again to expand my learning, I was trained as a Coach, as a Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Master in NLP, and I have been training in neuroenergetic psychology for 5 years (NEP-kinesiology, coaching and NLP).

The passing of my life, my own experiences, my family, my children, my environment, have made me feel that what I really love is the human being, I am fascinated by the capacities that he has, and how he transmits them, develops them and adapts them.

Here is my passion. In human relationships. And from humility and my knowledge, my purpose is to guide, bring light, so that wellness is the basis of the individual, both personally and in the workplace.

“Change comes with movement”

“Challenges lead to success”