About me

Profesional career

As a Business Trainer, I use Coaching, NLP and Business Strategy tools; in addition to all the knowledge acquired with my professional experience in the legal, banking, international, innovation, ICT, mentoring and training areas, among others. And, I adapt them to the needs of each client, to create, from their values, what they want; to make their dreams come true.

About my work

Services rendered

I give advice about the best way of implementing proposed business plans in any part of the world, with all the responsiveness, diligence, professionalism and seriousness needed to ensure the client receives the maximum legal certainty from the very first moment.

Investment projects are mainly developed under a turnkey basis, providing the frames needed in order to make them a reality.

The personalized way in which the managerial and advisory services are carried out allow the client the possibility of being accompanied whenever the customer needs until the conclusion of the project, personally monitoring that all the paperwork, bureaucratic requirements and meetings are conducted correctly. Thus, the client is, at every single moment, backed up by a reliable lawyer.