International Business

Advice, supervision and management on legal and commercial matters related to international transactions and to the operators involved in the overseas market:

    • International agreements
    • International negotiation
    • International purchases and sales
    • International Logistics and distribution channels
    • Strategic consultancy services: analysis of the most favorable potential markets for your product or service.
    • Establishment and implementation of business in Spain, including feasibility reports, searching for the appropriate locations adapted to the product or service, complying with all the legal and technical formalities required for the start-up of the project, planning the appropriate corporate form for the development of the activity.e-commerce
    • Establishment of business projects in the international market place, giving advice about the most suitable way for concluding strategic alliances between partners located in different countries and/or complementary goods, drawing up the documents and contracts needed for the appropriate development of the business collaboration, protecting the industrial and intellectual property rights, planning the building according to the law and the market conventions in force in the country of destination.